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How we serve Retail Customers

We offer targeted solutions for each of our different Retail customer segments.

With the technological evolution of the processes for our main products, our advisors can now focus on their advisory work and dedicate more time to customers and their individual needs, adding greater value to the customer relationship.

We appreciate that all our customers are different and so are their needs, which is why we have responded with a vast range of targeted products. 


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How we serve Private Banking

Your own specialist banker

UniCredit Private Bankers are personal advisors dedicated to you—priceless partners in helping you decide how to manage your wealth.

By building a long-term relationship and drawing on a structured analytical method, our Private Bankers are at your side in identifying and planning the right solutions for your needs, guaranteeing confidentiality, competence, a personalised approach and a capacity for innovation and development. To meet the most specific of needs, our Private Bankers are backed by a team of specialist Investment Advisors, Wealth Advisors, Art Advisors, Business Advisors, Real Estate Advisors and other specialist professionals.

Our analytical method involves:

understanding in depth your family and wealth;

identifying the objectives you are aiming at;

finding the right solutions and plans to deliver those objectives.

A service model built on a one-on-one relationship and mutual trust, consolidated over a variety of channels, including digital

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How we serve your Business

Our Small Business service model revolves around the customer—Small Businesses and Professionals (with a turnover of up to €5 million).

What do we offer Small Businesses and Professionals?

Service: our goal is to ensure the satisfaction of your needs, by building a long-term relationship with you. Our advisors are specially trained to help you start-up and grow your business in a dynamic market that is constantly changing.

Innovation: we constantly strive to innovate and deliver a full range of advanced services and products serving the needs of all types of businesses—from start-ups and tradespeople to professionals and complex small businesses with specific local or industry characteristics.

Nationwide reach: our 140 Business Centers bring together teams of specialist Small Business Advisors and Analysts with a full range of expertise to serve the most complex and structured business needs and the specific demands of markets and industries (InternationalAgriculture or Tourism ).

A Network of over 2000 Branches, led by Branch Managers backed locally or remotely by Business Advisors, offering professional expertise and competence and the vast range of UniCredit products and services to meet the day-to-day needs of cash flow management and business credit.

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How we serve Corporates

UniCredit Corporate Banking: dedicated to the needs of medium and large enterprises.

Corporate Banking at UniCredit is the one-stop shop for all your domestic business needs, guaranteeing highly specialised and personalised financial advice.

Thanks to our vast nationwide network, our International network, and the collaboration of our Product Factory Specialists, we offer a full range of services to best satisfy the real needs of your enterprise and unlock new growth opportunities. The service models adopted underpin a whole new concept for us as a bank, enabling us to become ever more strategic partners, with a Manager and a Team of Specialists at your service to help you identify the best solutions for your corporate needs.

You can count on:

  • a nationwide network of UniCredit Corporate Centers and Branches
  • a vast International Network
  • the presence, in each territorial area, of UniCredit Product Factory Specialists offering all-round support, even for specific product needs

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How we serve Public Entities and Enterprises

In an evolving world of public finance, populated by both Public Entities and Public Enterprises, UniCredit stands strong in its ability to offer specialist solutions to meet cash flow management needs and support business growth.

UniCredit offers a full range of sustainable solutions that comply with laws and regulations in force, building on the depth of its operational experience and the strength of its research, studies and training.

Across the country we boast 7 Areas dedicated to the Public Sector and over 200 expert professionals, including Specialists and Managers.

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Social Impact Banking

Social Impact Banking encapsulates our commitment to supporting the development of a fairer and more inclusive society, through the identification, funding and guidance of projects with a positive and measurable social impact.

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Multichannel Banking

We are witnessing an ongoing technological revolution that is changing the way our customers live and bank. 

For us, innovation means investing in the development of new services, solutions and products that bring tangible advantages for our customers and improve their lives by:

  • saving time;
  • simplifying access to Bank services;
  • keeping abreast of the latest advances in technology and security systems.

The aim of our multichannel banking services is to simplify the wide-ranging needs of our customers, and their day-to-day transactions, by offering alternative channels to Branches.

That is why our services are available 24/7, giving customers the freedom to bank on their own. These services include fast and easy credit transfers, cash and cheque deposits, cash withdrawals, postal bill payments, current account enquiries and much more.

The "Banca Multicanale" service is available on the following channels:

  • "Banca via Internet": the Bank online, accessible anytime, anywhere, from any computer;
  • "App Mobile Banking": access to Bank services directly from your smartphone;
  • "Banca via Telefono": accessible from Italy by calling 800.57.57.57— freephone. The service is also accessible internationally by calling +39 02.3340897 (local phone charges apply).

UniCredit also offers other alternative banking channels for the freedom of its customers, including:

  • Self-service stations ("ATM Evoluto BancoSmart, Cassa Veloce and Totem Multifunzione");
  • a Chat service for information and assistance at any time.

Advertising message for promotional purposes. For the contract terms and conditions of the Banca Multicanale service (including the App Mobile Banking, Banca via Internet and Banca via Telefono), please refer to the relative Information Sheets available to customers at all Bank Branches and on the website www.unicredit.it. Services sold by UniCredit S.p.A.